BACK TO THE ROADGeorge Mileson - Back To The Road

George Mileson introduces his new Album: ” Back to the Road”, where this Rock artist shows his composer talent.

Following up on his first album: “One”, released in 2005, Mileson dives again deep into the purest American Pop‐Rock tradition.

It is a classic, and thus, all the 12 tracks are reminiscent with sounds evoking Springsteen,Dylan, Petty, Willie Nile or Gary U.S. Bond. However, Mileson’s own voice stands up through the whole Album, honoring the heritage that he feeds from.“Back to the Road” is fresh, vital, and elegant, down home American and different too. Its sound is balanced, electric and acoustic guitars team up to create an intimate yet powerful atmosphere.

George MIleson’s work does not apologize for anything. It is real and honest, and it is well produced.

Get comfortable and check it out. You will experience 45 minutes of good music, the kind that shoots right to the heart and speaks to all of your senses

Carlos Odeh